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New Dog Website Design Software – Site Builder & Site Editor ( CMS )

Every Dog Breeder Website Design Includes

Dog Website Editor & Site Builder- You can edit your own pages any time. No maintenance fees! You can also add or remove pages. Yes, you can now add as many pages as you’d like to your site on your own. No more do you need to pay to have us add new pages to your site.  Remove any pages you no longer need. You save $ and don’t need to pay the web designer to add a new page for you to edit.

EDIT YOUR SITE WITH YOUR i Pad  There’s an app for that!

We make your site so that you can add pages, slideshows, galleries, forms, maps, products for sale such as T-shirts, DVD’s, artwork or anything you have for sale. This is POWERFUL software!


Please register your domain name through You only need to register your domain name with them. Later, we’ll hook up your domain name with your new website. All web designers are capable of working with your domain name through We just log into your GoDaddy account and change the name servers. Then, no matter where your site is set up online, it can show up from your domain name. We just change the DNS ( domain name servers ). We work exclusively through GoDaddy as it is quick and easy to point your domain name to your site and they handle more domain extensions than anyone else! Their technical support is the best. If you have any questions or need their help with your domain name, they’re always available to give you help.

Their 24/7 Support Phone number is (480) 505-8877

Call them. They’re always ready to help.


Change Your Banner Any Time !   It’s just a matter of a couple of clicks and your new banner is uploaded and now showing  up from your site. Hire any designer to create a new banner for you. There are some very good graphics people on facebook that will gladly create a new banner for you. Then just upload it on your site. Then your new banner will show up on all your pages. It’s very easy to do!


Dog YouTube Videos – There is a button for you to click and add your dog  youtube videos. Since Google owns You Tube, they will list your videos in their search engine. Get specific and place some keywords into your  dog You Tube video to help Google rank your video in their search engine. Always include a link to your site on your You Tube video page so people can easily click to go to your site.

MP3 Music Player – Upload your MP3 music to your site. Place a music player any where on any page of your site. Play a different song on any page. The music player shown to the left has been created with red highlights. Your music player can be created in a different color to match your site. Note: The MP3 player to the left has been set not to play automatically. You can set your player to either play automatically or manually.



Like and Tweet buttons that allow you and site visitors to “Like” your page and “Tweet” about your offerings to others. These buttons are purposely placed near the top of the page and to the right to make it very visible and easy for people to click on these buttons. It all helps to promote your site in the search engines.


Social Site buttons – such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more so people can interact with you and promote your site from their social site.


Paypal Payment Button so you can receive payments from your customers.


Individual Males and Female Pages For Each of Your Dogs – includes a 3 gen pedigree for you to fill in. You place your dog pictures and text at the top of your male or females pages. You could place a slideshow at the top of your page instead of just dog pictures and showcase your dogs in a cool way.

For the pedigree, you can add the names of the sires and dams and also some photos of the sire or dam. To the left shows a picture pedigree where just the first gen sire and dam photos are included.

By the way, if your photo needs the background to be cropped, you can easily remove some of that “extra” background by cropping your photo. It’s as simple as clicking a button and then dragging one of the 8 dots along the perimeter of the photo. When finished, click “Save”. Your photo is now perfect.


Dog Website Promotion Package to get traffic to your site in the search engines.



Detailed Web Site Statistcs so you can see what sites your visitors are coming from and what keywords they’re typing into the search engines to find you.Then use those keywords on your page to help others find your site.



SEO Meta Tags – You can adjust your meta keywords, meta title and meta description for the search engines! If you hire and SEO Expert to optimize your pages for the search engines, they will thank you for this easy way to optimize your site.






Click Here To Enlarge the SEO Meta For Image Above

Google’s search engine robot, called “Google bot”, will visit your website pages and looks specifically for any keywords in your Meta Title, Meta Keyword and Meta Description. Then the Google bot will rank your page in Google’s search engine for keywords that you’ve typed in. We’ve made it easy for you. Just backspace out the default keyword text that we’ve included for you on your page to get you started.

Then type your own text in with keywords such as A BULL DOG or BULLDOGS or BULLDOG PUPPIES FOR SALE!

Important !!! Update Your Keywords For Google !!!

What if you have the coolest site in the world but are on page 15 in the search engines? How will they find you?

Not all dog web designers will install a way for you to update your google meta keywords. We make it so that you will have full access to change your google meta keywords at any time. It’s easy! If you do not have access to changing your meta keywords you are missing control of your site as far as ranking well in the search engines. We’ll show you how.

Now you can boost your site up in the search engines! Just type in some of your best key words into this simple meta tags form as shown to the bottom left, as an example, of a site that has Rare English Bulldog Puppies for Sale.

You have access to change your META Page Title which shows up at the very top of the browser. Google looks for any keywords in there and will use it to help people find your web site. If you type in for example “Rare English Bulldog Puppies for Sale”, google will use these to send visitors to your site.

Normally, if you have a webmaster build your site for you, they don’t give you the option to change your Meta Page Title, Keywords and Description. There won’t be a way for you to do that on your own. This is a Must Have ! We want you to have this ability so you can change your Meta Title, Meta Keywords and Meta Description at any time to help your site rank higher in the search engines.

You need this capability because as time goes on you will want to try different keywords to acheive better and better results for ranking in the search engines. Instead of paying the person that designed your site to do that for you, you can dive right in and do it yourself faster than a slow web designer can.

This is a VERY VALUABLE ASSET to have control over your Search Engine Meta Keywords !!! It will affect how your site ranks in Google and other search engines.

Type in “Rare English Bulldog Puppies For Sale” for example so that google can find you and send visitors to your site. Do the same for the Meta Keywords and Meta Description. Google looks for keywords in these Meta Keyword areas on your site.

Theme – You can choose from our current dog website backgrounds or have a custom theme developed using your ideas for colors and design. We have a package where you can actually Bring Your Own Banner ( BYOB ) that you or your designer has created for your site’s page top banner graphic. This package is $250 dollars and set up is fast. You can log in and start uploading photos to your pages even before your banner graphic is ready. When your banner is ready to go on your site you just click to upload your new banner. Then click again to save your changes. Then publish your site. Now everyone can see your new banner from your site.


3 to 8 Dogs on Dog Website Banner – Depending on the package you order, we will cut the dogs out for you and create your banner.( Dogs on your banner can be updated later at a price per dog to be cut out and placed on your banner). From within your admin for your page, you’ll see that you can also change your banner with a couple of clicks of the mouse.


Page Protection – Right click disabled for added security on photos and text.

Automatic Photo Resizer saves you time and makes it easy to get your photos the exact right size. Google is ranking sites for page speed. This will make your pages load faster!


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